Legal Thriller – The Guilty

The Guilty
by Gabriel BoutrosThe Guilty
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 978-1479277759
Published: September 2012
Pages: 318
Genre: Legal thriller, or courtroom drama
Format Available For Review: Print, Kindle or PDF

Robert Bratt is a veteran defense attorney whose faith in the justice system, and the role he plays in it, wavers when his daughter’s friend is raped and the rapist is acquitted. The rapist’s defense attorney twisted the victim’s testimony around to make her look like she was the aggressor. Bratt knows this is exactly what he would have done in his place. His daughter hates all lawyers now, including him, causing him to question his chosen profession and the violent people he represents. Then, Jennifer Campbell, a devoutly religious woman, hires him to defend her son, Marlon Small, who is accused of a brutal double-murder. Despite Campbell’s protestations, Bratt’s instincts tell him that Small is guilty. But Bratt’s drive to succeed, combined with his sympathy for the heartbroken mother, push him to defend the young man. Can he continue to turn a blind eye to what his client has done, and manipulate the truth as he so often has in the past, all in order to defend “The Guilty?”

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