Magical Realism – Morgan and Katrina

Morgan and Katrina
By Morgan Marquette
ISBN: 978-1733470407
Genre: Magical Realism, contemporary fantasy, Magical realism, fiction, vampire, supernatural, paranormal fiction
Formats Available For Review: pdf, epub, can be sent to kindle

Imagine a world with no other kinds of music except classical and symphony. A world of upper-class snobbery, a strict and abusive Mother, and a life full of choices made for you without any regard to your personal preferences. This is the world of ten-year-old Katrina. That is, until she meets a kind, yet somewhat odd, mortician named Morgan, who happens to love The Beatles. His peculiar ways of living and new outlook on life give Katrina a different perspective than the one she’s been used to. And together, through a shared interest in music, each of them experiences life lessons they never expected to learn.

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