Memoir – (1413 of) Those Words

(1413 of) Those Words1413
By Anna Ligtenberg
Publisher: AnnaLovesBooks Inc.
ISBN: 978-0988510203
Published: November 2012
Pages: 274
Genre: Memoir

Childhood abuse and decades of unsuccessful grappling for an elusive recovery.

Anna has given up. She’s looked back, taken tally, and decided that she can’t win. There is only so much that a person can pack up and carry along before the weight begins to wear them down. Anna begins her story on that threshold.

Putting her life story onto paper is just one step in her plan to opt out of a life that has finally become more burden than she thinks she can bear. She’d be the first to tell you that she has only a nodding acquaintance with sanity, so when her suicidal plans take a wide and sudden detour, this just seems par for the course. There is no straight line that cannot be avoided.

A short stroll down Memory Lane, holding hands with her high school sweetheart, seems like a nice way to wrap things up before checking out. Is it? Or is the first sentence of her intended suicide note more accurate than she could have known when she wrote it:

“the answers to everything in the present are hidden away in (the) past.”

In 1982, they would have sworn it would last forever.
In 1984, they would have sworn it was over for good.

Reconnecting online, Mike and Anna
discovered that they’d been right, all those years ago.Even before they saw each other again, they knew. Nothing had changed. The only real love either had ever had was the love they’d shared.

Could they reclaim it?
What were the odds, in 2012, that, this time, it actually could last forever?

1 Long Conversation
158,775 Words
just 12 of those words were REGRET
152 of those words were HEART
169 of those words were HAPPY
297 of those words were HOPE and PEACE
375 of those words were ALWAYS and FOREVER
467 of those words were KISS and MARRY

1413 of Those Words… were LOVE

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