Memoir – The Book of Jack

The Book of Jack
Author: Jack Angel
Publisher: Abbott Press
ISBN: 978-1458203892
Pages: 217
Published: May 2012

e had only acted on camera in a couple of TV shows and commercials, so all of this-the process of making movies-was totally new and absolutely fascinating.

JACK ANGEL, son of a Greek immigrant, reinvented himself many times-from a poor student to a college graduate; from enlisted man to officer in the army during the Korean War, attending Army Ranger School; and from an eighteen-year career in radio as one of the nation’s top disc jockeys to a career as a Hollywood actor concentrating on voice-overs.

Going to Hollywood allowed him to really hit his stride, and he found himself working on animation projects for the Walt Disney Co. Pixar Studios, Marvel, Hanna/Barbera, Fox, and several others. In this memoir, Angel recalls his adventures in this informative, funny, and insightful view of Hollywood and the entertainment business. A few highlights include his interactions with director Steven Spielberg and John Lasseter, the creative head of Pixar Studios. He also spent three years as a promo announcer with The Tonight Show, starring Johnny Carson. He pays homage to his father, who came to America in the early twentieth century, became famous as the Bean King in Central California, and survived the Great Depression while raising three sons.

Jack Angel’s life story is not only a tale of personal reinvention, but also an uplifting American Dream story that spans a hundred years.

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