Memoir – The Year I Turned 25

The Year I Turned 25The Year I Turned 25
By Raquel Fletcher
Publisher: FriesenPress
Published: January 2017
ISBN: 978-1525501173
Genre: Memoir
Formats Available For Review: Print (limited quantities, only available to qualified reviewers/bloggers in the U.S. or Canada), kindle

“I always thought twenty-five was the year I’d finally be grown up, the year the world would finally start taking me seriously, the year I would finally know what I wanted. And yet…”

The Year I Turned 25 catalogues the ups and downs of a TV reporter in her mid-twenties, who takes on the added challenge of training an adorable, but misbehaving puppy. Sometimes melancholic and other times hilarious, this brave and thought-provoking memoir approaches dating, sexual assault and mental health in a personal, but relatable way. This book is for every woman who ever asked herself if something was wrong with her and for every dog lover who discovered true love in a puppy.

“This project isn’t about – and was never about – figuring out who I am. It’s about figuring out how to figure out who I am.”


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