MG/YA Fantasy/Fairy Tale – Spark the Stone Man (Set of 3 Books)

spark-the-stone-manSpark the Stone Man (Set of 3 Books)
By Asya Pekurovskaya
Publisher: Pekasus
ISBN: 978-0982848753
ISBN: 978-0982848739
ISBN: 978-0982848715
Genre: Fantasy/Fairy Tale
Formats Available For Review: Print/Hardcover (limited quantities, only available to qualified reviewers/bloggers in the U.S.), epub3 (with vocals)

The story is built along a vertical scale. At the top lies the kingdom of the impregnable Granite Mountain. Down below lies the land of darkness under the rule of a vicious dwarf Zhabrey. Between these two lands lies Lemon Drop Valley, a Silicon Valley 100 years after its Inventors have departed, leaving behind two magic machines the secret of which was unknown.

The daugther of the old King of Granite Mountain is abducted by the vicious dwarf Zhabrey. As the cunning Royal Vizier pledges to catch the abductor, the King tells him the Royal secret: Granite Mountain is connected with the dwarf’s dungeon by a hidden path that goes via Lemon Drop Valley. Our protagonist, Spark, overhears their conversation and gets into Lemon Drop Valley before the Vizier. There, he apprehends the abducted Princess in a simple Yushka, falls in love with her and immediately looses her. With the capture of Zhabrey he also suffers fiasco.

At the end, Spark brings Princess Stella home and is asked by the King to be sworn to the crown. But the scheming Vizier tries to persuade His Majesty to give Spark another trial.

The series received 2 good reviews by MVBookreviews (October and November Issues for 2011 and 16 other great reviews. It also received a 2011 Pinnacle Award in the Juvenile Book Category.

The epub3 version is the revised edition of the Spark the Stone Man’s first series.

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