Murder Myster – The Garden

The Garden
Author: M. Everett Baylor
Publisher: Mill City Press
ISBN: 978-1-937600-18-1
Pages: 250
Published: November 2011

The Garden takes you for a thrilling ride exploring the mind of a twisted soul; the soul of Kelvin Kettle. Set in Montclair Massachusetts, this book tells the story of a serial killer and his murderous rampage through this sleepy country town.

Kevin Kettle is a man obsessed with revenge. He returns to the sleepy small town of his youth to plant his garden in the place where his soul first became twisted. He blends in with the locals, earns their trust then murders them one by one. Unknown to Kelvin is the arrival of his twin brother Sebastian who comes to town to warn the residents of his brother’s intentions. Sebastian has one thing on his mind; stopping Kelvin from taking innocent lives. The cat and mouse game is played to the fullest.

The garden lay silent. The harvest was complete. But the devil knows no happiness, only pain. Death comes with a smile, a dozen roses, and hungry for a meal. It’s time to harvest the next flower for his garden. His first flower has been alone for quite a while. She’ll finally have some company-and the town of Montclair will never be the same again.

The Garden is Book 1 of the Montclair Murders.

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