Mystery – Cant Stop the Funk

Cant Stop the FunkCant Stop the Funk
By H. Max Hiller
ISBN: 978-1944170684
ASIN: B017FCM468
Genre: Mystery, Detective
Formats Available For Review: pdf, epub mobi

Each installment of the Detective ‘Cadillac’ Holland Mysteries series is equal parts traditional mystery, political thriller, and an insider’s guide to post-Katrina New Orleans.

It’s an election year and gentrification threatens to displace the already beleaguered residents of the Lower Ninth Ward. This has always been one of New Orleans’ poorest neighborhoods and is barely getting back on its feet five years after Hurricane Katrina nearly wiped it from the face of the planet. Real estate developers of all sorts seem intent upon finishing what the storm could not. It’s up to Detective Holland, despite his ‘talent’ for making a mess of things, to seek justice against something that may not even be a crime and to avoid stirring the city’s deep, dark, and treacherous political waters.

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