Mystery – Song Catcher

Song CatcherSong Cathcer
By Graham McDonald
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 978-1477595886
Published: October 2012
Pages: 296
Genre: Mystery, Historical

Grace Howard, a Lakota woman from the Pine Ridge reservation, makes it to the brink of stardom as a rock singer when drug addiction destroys everything. The catalyst to get clean comes with the birth of her physically deformed son, Jamie. Twelve years later, she is singing in a North Dakota bar to help pay for his ongoing medical treatment when a power surge through her microphone triggers a vision and she hears the music that will change her life forever.

Jamie, a budding poet, simultaneously has a strange dream and begins to produce lyrics of a standard beyond his years. The supernatural experiences of mother and son ignite a special songwriting partnership and they begin to craft an album that melds the songs of a Lakota ancestor and other cultural music with modern rock – a combination that eventually rockets to the top of the charts. Long estranged from her people, Grace is compelled to make peace with her past as her music gains popularity. She returns to Pine Ridge and learns of the desecration of her musician-ancestor’s spiritual resting place by the construction of a golf course. Enraged, she decides to use the music’s popularity to try to stop the development, setting in motion a series of events that will test the strength of her soul and put the lives of everyone she holds dear on the line.

A heartfelt exploration of the resurrection of cultural and personal spirit, Song Catcher examines the clash between European and indigenous cultures with bracing honesty. A haunting, compelling story full of the synchronicities of life and powers we can neither see nor touch, it is as heartbreaking as it is transformative.

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