Mystery/Gothic Mystery – Eye of the Moon

Eye of the MoonEye of the Moon
By Ivan Obolensky
Publisher: Smith-Obolensky Media
Release Date: February 6, 2018
ISBN: 978-1947780002
Genre: Mystery, Gothic Mystery, Thriller
Formats Available For Review: Paperback ARC (Limited Quantities, only available to qualified reviewers/bloggers in the U.S.), PDF, .MOBI, EPUB (via download from BookFunnel)

Described as a “gothic mystery of the finest order, Eyes Wide Shut meets Agatha Christie” (IndieReader), an “ingeniously constructed… engrossing tale of mystery and magic” (Kirkus Reviews), “gripping, intense, thorough. Everything I wanted in a thriller, and then some.” (Nick Thacker, author). “In ambiance it rivals ‘Downton Abbey’, but the plot tells a far more intense and shocking story.” (Tom Hyman, author). “Filled with hidden motives, mysterious relics, and sinister unknowns, ‘Eye of the Moon’ evokes the drama of ‘Dynasty’ with the atmosphere of Manderley.” (Jennifer Whitman, professional bookseller, Barnes & Noble).

This debut mystery/thriller follows Percy and Johnny, raised like brothers but fractured from a past trade gone terribly wrong, as they attend a five-day weekend house party celebrating a notable anniversary of Johnny’s parents. The initial concerns laid out in the first chapter swiftly morph into something far more sinister as they discover Johnny’s aunt Alice may have been murdered, and everyone in their party of family and friends have secrets and high-stakes agendas. Suddenly thrust into the center of the maelstrom, Percy has to face demons (literally and figuratively) and discovers true friendship, redemption, and love.

“… Obolensky conjures a remarkably imaginative tale, seamlessly juxtaposing the quotidian and the magical in a way that renders the latter mesmerizingly plausible. Johnny and Percy’s headlong march into the occult world that may have destroyed Alice is shockingly inadvisable and yet seems to make sense all the same. In addition, the author has a morbid gift for the description of human turpitude that simultaneously inspires both revulsion and awe… Alice’s complex character powerfully emerges as the plot’s tonal center, a bewitching amalgam of moral strength, intellectual vitality, and a lust for life. Likewise, Stanley is far more than meets the eye, and Obolensky skillfully portrays him with literary restraint, leaving the reader to deliciously wonder if he’s truly a friend or a secret foe… the story as a whole remains a transfixing one, ingeniously constructed. Despite its length, an engrossing tale of mystery and magic.” –Kirkus Reviews

“A gothic mystery set in 1977–involving the occult, stolen treasure, family secrets, and financial sabotage–‘Eye of the Moon’ is sumptuous in its descriptions of white-tie dinner parties and sexual tensions with baronesses, and sharp in its maneuvering of several secret puzzles at once.

“When Johnny Dodge knocks on Percy’s door and asks him to help uncover whether they’ve accidentally drunk the bottles of Chateau Lafite 1959 that Johnny’s parents were saving for their anniversary, Percy should have known that more than fine wine would be opened during a weekend in Rhinebeck, the Dodge family estate that always felt a bit peculiar. Soon the best friends are deep in a mystery involving the questionable death of Johnny’s aunt Alice, the occult, hidden paternity, and high-stakes financial risk–all over the course of a weekend party at the unsettling estate.

“The mysteries are finely woven together and readers must think fast on their feet if they hope to keep up with the meticulous minds of the weekend guests. Percy is a capable protagonist for this high-stakes maneuvering, and half of the fun is reading his descriptions of the five-course meals served by Dagmar and the fine liquors decanted by Stanley, who run the house for the Dodges. The style occasionally sounds better fit for the 1940’s than the 1970’s, but it fits the tone of the book…” -IndieReader, 4.7 stars, IR approved

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