New Age – A Soul’s Guide to Abundance, Health and Happiness

A Soul’s Guide to Abundance, Health and HappinessA Souls Guide to Abundance
by Jody K. Howard
Publisher: LuLu
ISBN: 978-1411681323
Pages: 325
Genre: New Age

A Soul’s Guide to Abundance Health and Happiness is the first book to illuminate all aspects of your existence; spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically and energetically. When you understand and become aware of yourself in all aspects, it creates a life of superb health, complete happiness and endless abundance… guaranteed! Everyone is capable of having a totally fulfilling life, in fact it is our God given right as human beings. The obstacles that get in the way are simply self sabotaging patterns we create. Despite the fact that we create our own patterns, most people are unaware they exist. These patterns have become so much a part of us, we no longer recognize them as being destructive and easily eliminated.

There are many wonderful self help books available on similar topics but they only touch upon one or two areas of self healing. This is the only book to consolidate information regarding every area of healing in a simple, effective, easy to read format.

The book takes readers on a fascinating journey of self exploration and guides them to a complete understanding of self. Readers learn how to develop their psychic abilities, diagnose their negative patterns, recognize how and why they created those patterns, and understand what needs to be done to eliminate them completely and permanently. It also provides a system of healing modalities you can easily use as preventative maintenance. Study guides conclude chapters and provide readers with exercises designed to help them develop, practice and incorporate the newly learned skills into their daily lives. Motivational prayers, poetry, quotations, channeled information, and true life anecdotes are scattered throughout the book. A resource directory on suggested reading material lists other books on the subject matter so readers can pursue a specific topic more fully. You’ll find this book easy to read and difficult to put down.

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