New Age Fantasy – The Ainiu

The Ainiu
By CyndarionThe Alniu
Publisher: LuLu
ISBN: 978-0557914487
Pages: 534
Genre: New Age Fantasy

Finalist Award Winner at the 2011 NATIONAL INDIE EXCELLENCE BOOK AWARDS®

In a long-ago time when elves, dwarves, druids, and magical creatures lived on Earth, Duida, the Elven Princess and the chosen one, embarks on a fantastic quest to awaken the Ainu and save the Elven kingdom from the forces of evil. The most incredible spiritual adventure of all times will open in front of your eyes, revealing deep and profound truths about the nature of reality and the path of self-transformation towards full enlightenment in this life. In these pages, you will learn incredible secrets about your authentic self, for you will be challenged, like the heroine of this story, to face your own dramas, strategies, and the masks your ego uses to cloak your true inner reality. Great spiritual truths are revealed for the first time here that will dispel all the many lies about true spiritual development and take you to a true understanding of self-realization, enlightenment, and the reality of the existence of God.

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