New Age Self-Help – Soul Secrets of Salsa

Soul Secrets of Salsa: How to Partner with Your Spirit and Dance through Life
Author: Claire Timberlake
Publisher: Balboa Press
ISBN: 978-1452539621
Pages: 190
Published: November 2011

Soul Secrets of Salsa is a self-improvement guidebook, based on an unlikely, but fascinating analogy of Salsa dancing. After an unexpected life detour that left her alone and directionless, Claire took up Salsa dancing. As Claire Timberlake’s Salsa instructor made comments – directed to improve her dancing – she found them amazingly apropos for improving her life. Soon she came to believe that her twenty-something-year-old Cuban American dance teacher was being used as a channel for the Divine. What she gleaned from Salsa was leading her toward health, happiness, and a new career. What she learned about following her Salsa partner was all she needed to know to follow her heart.

Far from being just an escape, Salsa classes provided lessons for life and helped her find her way. ‘Soul Secrets of Salsa’ clearly describes these lessons in bite-sized pieces enabling you to easily apply them to your own life.

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