New Age – The Secret of the One Dollar Bill

The Secret of the One Dollar BillThe Secret of the One Dollar Bill
By Jethro Black
Publisher: WoW Discoveries
ISBN: 978-0956998200
Published: March 2012
Genre: New Age
PDF Copies Available for Review

This book uses Codes that are hidden in the English language, often called English Gematria or the English Kabbalah, to reveal the true meaning of the different icons on the One Dollar Bill. Jethro reveals the hidden messages of the Pyramid, the eye, the eagle and the star of David plus the truth about the seven tiny characters hidden on the Bill which some call spiders and others call owls. He discusses the significance of the number 13, a number that reoccurs on the Bill and how it is connected to the number One. A deeply esoteric book and one of a series of books using Hebrew and English Gematria.

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