Non-Fiction – The Gnostic Notebook

The Gnostic NotebookThe Gnostic Notebook
By Timothy James Lambert
ISBN: 978-1511516495
Genre: Non-Fiction
Formats Available For Review: pdf, mobi, epub

If the fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm are nothing more than written records of oral folk tales, how is it that some contain sophisticated forms of encryption?

Why were some fairy tales constructed in accordance with the Ad Herennium, an ancient Latin text containing the earliest recorded instructions for the creation of memory systems?

How does one explain the fact that the Ad Herennium’s instructions mirror one of the key images from the synoptic Gospels, the scourging of Jesus?

Could it be that the Gospels’ authors were actually skilled practitioners of the Art of Memory, who utilized that system within the Gospels for the secret encryption and storage of information?

And how is all of this connected to the millennia-old conflict between the two oldest traditions of Gnostic Christianity, those of John and Thomas?

The Gnostic Notebook is a fresh examination of several classic texts in a search for hidden layers of meaning. The meanings are unlocked through a series of easy to follow steps, using a variety of steganographic and cryptographic techniques. The messages decrypted are not the usual esoteric or Freudian interpretations; rather they contain actual, undeniable information encoded into the texts ages ago. Their existence challenges everything we thought we knew about these texts, including our basic understanding of the Bible itself!

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Timothy James Lambert

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