Ultimate Book Review Package + Net Galley Listing

Get The Reviews Your Book Deserves!!

With our Ultimate Book Review package your Book will receive wide exposure to help obtain more reviews for your book.

Reach over 20,000 Bloggers, Readers, and Reviewers on our list and over 200,000 professional readers such as book reviewers, journalists, librarians, professors, booksellers, and bloggers on NetGalley for only $125.

We will need an epub and/or pdf copy of your book with this service for the NetGalley listing..  We also request that you email us a mobi copy if you have it available as we have some reviewers who requests certain formats.

add your book logoYour book will be listed on our website indefinitely or until you ask us take it down.

Each week we email over 20,000 bloggers, readers and reviewers with information about the new books we have available for review. We also post our blog to book websites and offer books available for review on other  book review websites. More reviewers/bloggers are added weekly.

We post your book to Twitter and Facebook offering it for review.

We submit your book to various review websites and groups to let them know that you book is available for review. 

We also submit to two different review organizations online where their reviewers can possibly select your book for review.

Why should you add your book?

  • Reach over 20,000 bloggers, readers and reviewers on our email list (new bloggers and reviewers are being added weekly)
  • We will also post your book available for review on Facebook, GoodReads, Twitter, and Google Communities.
  • Some authors are getting requests within 24-48 hours of their book being listed.
  • Your book will remain on our website indefinitely or until you ask us to remove it from our site.

We can handle the requests for a month and then add your contact information after a month, or you can handle these requests directly.

Important things to know:

  • There is no guarantee any reviews received will be good. These are honest reviews.
  • You’re not buying reviews (which would get you in a lot of trouble with Amazon). You’re buying the opportunity to expose your book to interested readers.
  • You’ll get a permanent spot in our book database and a temporary advertisement on our site.
  • You expose your books to more readers and possibly get more reviews!
  • You’ll possibly get enough reviews for promotion sites that require a minimum
  • Your books will be more attractive to buyers
  • These readers might become life-long fans!

NetGalleyWe post your book to NetGalley for a couple of weeks.

NetGalley offers electronic galleys of books, both before and after their publication date, to 200,000 professional readers such as book reviewers, journalists, librarians, professors, booksellers, and bloggers. NetGalley is used by publishers and individual authors alike.

But NetGalley isn’t only for encouraging reviews! Titles hosted on NetGalley will also be available to librarians, book buyers, and media professionals, who use NetGalley to determine their summer reading lists, purchase orders, book recommendations, and more. Digital galleys can be read on all major reading devices and tablets (including the Kindle and iPad) and are protected files which cannot be shared.

We will follow up with people who request your book after 30 days and provide links for them to your book on Amazon and GoodReads to encourage them to post a review.

We will also send your book to some reviewers who have reviewed for us and see if we have anyone interested in reviewing the book. We will follow up with these reviewers after 30 days.

We will provide you with a report from NetGalley on who requested your book as well as any other reviewers who have requested your book after about 45 days after we start work on your order.

We can also post your book on BookSprout for two weeks so more reviewers can read and review your book.

This is a great service to get reviews for your book. We guaranteed at least 5-10 book reviews posted within 45 days, but many authors are seeing much more than that. If at least five reviews aren’t posted within 45 days, we will run your book on NetGalley again and reach out to more reviewers for another 45 days.

Cost: $125.00

What we need –  epub and/or pdf file of your book for the NetGalley listing and we would like to also get a mobi file of the book if you have it. You can email the pdf, mobi, and/or epub file to: info@BookReviewBuzz.com when you place you order.

order nowPlease fill out the form below to submit your book. If  you have any problems with the order form, you an email the information to: info@BookReviewBuzz.com













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