Paranormal Fiction – House of Cobwebs

House of CobwebsHouse of Cobwebs
By Judith Thomas
Publisher: Really Blue Books
Published: November 2012
Pages: 357
Genre: Paranormal Fiction

Sometimes nightmares follow you from sleep and begin to haunt your days.

Neema Harris is eleven years old, and gifted with the ability to invade other people’s minds and discover their deepest, darkest secrets. She is the sole survivor when her whole family is butchered in the night.
Child psychologist, Doctor Winter Fremont is beautiful, successful and outwardly confident. She firmly believes she has left the horrors of her childhood far behind, and now has control of the psychic dreams which disturb her sleep.

But when the twinkly- eyed and uniquely wicked Neema Harris becomes her patient, Winter’s ugly past comes back to haunt her, big time.

In his attempts to solve the increasingly baffling Harris murders, the cynical Detective Inspector Len Axton will awkwardly fall in love, and have three psychic experiences that will change him forever.

The first will reveal to him the killer.
The second will lead him to the killer.
The third may not be enough to save his life.

An ideal read for lovers of both supernatural and crime genres, House of Cobwebs packs a serious punch, providing plenty of nail-biting, heart-pounding twists along the way. Readers are raving about this thriller, calling it “eerie”, “gripping”, and “a real page turner”.
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