Paranormal Romance – Moonless Night

Moonless NightMoonless Night
by Floriminda Edar Reid
Publisher: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 978-1456787349
Pages: 336
Genre: Paranormal Romance, Fantasy Romance, Teen Adult Fantasy Romance, Paranormal Fiction
Formats Available For Review: eBook, kindle and pdf

What would you do if a man, who was there to help you, was also a killer?

Concealed from the dark, the shadow waited outside the theatre. After a while, the shadow moved swiftly away from the building as the two figures walked towards their car.

Okay. Go now and leave her be. Leave her alone; it’s for the best, his mind screamed at him. But he couldn’t just yet. Like a predator, he stayed and watched.

The boy studied the girl in front of him. Yes, she was scared of him. Didn’t he hear her heart accelerate? She did not look at him for long but kept her eyes on the ocean. If she was scared, why then were her eyes sad and not petrified? The big rock they were on had concealed them from the passersby and motorists. He could easily crush her, and no one would notice until the next day. His smile was feral.

Alana was intrigued by the mysterious young man that spoke briefly and coldly with her. She became obsessed with finding out about him, and by the time she thought she knew him, it was too late. She was in the labyrinth with her own pursuit.

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