Paranormal Thriller – To Kill a Sorcerer

To Kill a SorcererTo Kill a Sorcerer
Immortal Montero, Book 1
By Greg Mongrain
Publisher: Crescent Moon Books
ISBN: 978-0997409819
Genre: Paranormal Thriller
Formats Available for Review: pdf, mobi, epub

In this debut book, the festivity of Christmas in Los Angeles turns unseasonably terrifying when two teenage girls are slaughtered in grotesque, ritualistic fashion. Tracking this serial killer is immortal Sebastian Montero, a timeless vigilante determined to find the man before LAPD so he may dispense his own brand of medieval justice. But when Sebastian catches the killer in the middle of a third bizarre murder, he discovers to his shock the man he pursues is more than human—and quite capable of snuffing Sebastian’s eternal flame.

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