Parenting & Self-Help – Turning the Hourglass: Children’s Passage Through Traumas and Past Lives

Turning the Hourglass: Children’s Passage Through Traumas and Past LivesTurning the Hour Glass
by Christine Alisa MS
Publisher: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 978-1477275634
Published: November 2012
Pages: 378
Genre: Psychology, Self Help, New Age, Parenting

Turning the Hourglass is a collection of true stories of actual excerpts of several children’s lives during a time when they were experiencing Christine’s therapeutic process. Each story written from the child’s point of view is engaging, often poignant and educational. The children and adolescents venture on a loving journey of healing through early childhood abuse, diagnosis of ADHD, learning difficulties, behavioral and anxiety problems or difficult divorces. This book is unique in that it describes each child’s story making it possible to enter right into the child’s world. Christine Alisa’s alternative therapeutic approach covers early childhood trauma, birth, pre-natal and past-lives while giving the children support for their expression of self as well as the release of negative patterns.

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