Personal/Spiritual Growth, Memoir – Crossing the River Sorrow: One Nurse’s Story

Crossing the River SorrowCrossing the River Sorrow
One Nurse’s Story
By Janet Richards
Publisher: WestBowPress
ISBN: 978-1449796600
Pages: 222
Genre: Personal/Spiritual Growth, Memoir
Formats Available for Review: print, kindle, Nook

Many people are troubled by the inscrutable, inequitable nature of human adversity. C.S.Lewis called it the problem of pain. Crossing the River Sorrow, One Nurse s Story, takes a look this issue through the poignant, sometimes humorous stories of a nurse who traveled the River Sorrow with her patients and beyond, and lived her way to a place of peace.

Anyone who has experienced a serious illness, disability or the suffering of a friend or family member may identify with the author s quest to find hope in adversity. Chapters on coming of age in the sixties, raising a child with a chronic illness, growing older, and facing mortality, will resonate with caregivers and seekers of all walks of life.

Crossing the River Sorrow, One Nurse s Story is available in paperback, Kindle and Nook format. Edited excerpts were published in the American Journal of Nursing, and at Reviews can be read on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kirkus, and in the November 2013 issue of Publishers Weekly Select.

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