Poetry – Love Poems : Are You The One?

Love Poems Are You The OneLove Poems : Are You The One?
By Steve Ryan
ISBN: 978-0615937946
Genre: Poetry
Formats Available For Review: pdf

“Love Poems: Are You The One?” digs deep into the heart of love. These poems and insights are written in a way that most people will relate to. There are many questions that people ask about love. Here are some of those questions. When am I going to find “The One”? Is the person that I’m with “The One”? Are we going to work out? How does this person feel about me? What does this person think about me? This book addresses many love situations. It will answer some of the questions that people want answered.

Most people have gone through some type of experience involving love. Some people get lucky and find the right person for them and they spend the rest of their lives with that person. Other people are not so lucky and they go through different experiences from falling in love to heartbreak. And after the heartbreak, the famous questions arise, “Will We Reconnect?” or “Should I Just Move on?”. “Love Poems: Are You The One?” addresses those different experiences and cycles that people go through.

This book is divided into five chapters; Dreaming of Love, Falling in Love, The Relationship, Heartbreak and Reconnect or Move on. Each chapter has a word of insight about the topic at the beginning of the chapter. Following the insight will be a collection of poems about the topic of the chapter. You will find the poems very enjoyable but insightful at the same time. Enjoy the experience and begin your journey through “Love Poems: Are You The One?”.

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