Poetry – Simple Things

Simple Things: An Anthology of PoetrySimple Things
By Charles Preston Fletcher
Publisher: InspiringVoices
ISBN: 978-1462403400
Published: September 2012
Pages: 234
Genre: Poetry, Religious

This book is a voyage of self-awareness…the sad times, the glad times, and those times that lie in-between.

Love, Gratitude, Hope and Inspiration will be explored. You will see how a tremendous joy, and a sense of self – discovery can appear out of sadness.

We are – not that much different…you and I, we each hunger – to see… the love – in another’s eyes. I hope to share some of the love, of Jesus Christ, a selfless love, that changes lives.

In my view…it is only in – “The struggle”…that the best in life is found.

This anthology – has no beginning and no end. We are more the same than different and we all share many similarities. The one thing – that we do not do…is to see the world, with exactly the same bank of knowledge, experience and attitudes.

“One of the refreshing strengths of Charles Preston Fletcher’s writing is his utilizing down times into gratitude states, all without denying pain or loneliness.” -L. Ray Lynn, Clergyman

“The journey of self-discovery can be frightening, exhilarating, confusing, liberating, and often best undertaken accompanied by a caring voice. Preston’s poetry shiningly serves as such a voice for all who wish to begin a journey of their own.” -Suzanne Beeson, Ph.D., HSPP

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