Poetry – What in This World: Verse for the Adult Child

What in This World: Verse for the Adult ChildWhat in this World
by Hollis N. Haskin
Publisher: Two Harbors Press
ISBN: 978-1938690112
Published: December 2012
Pages: 138
Genre: Poetry

Philosophy meets whimsy in this touching collection of charmingly illustrated verse. What in This World: Verse for the Adult Child is a book of splendid short rhymes and wily free verse poetry. It views the world from an adult sensibility using the wandering wonder of youth.

Author Hollis N Haskin breaks the book into several illustrated themes from Play to Mystery, Relativity to Ego, Age to Seasons and more. In New York, readers experience the city in it’s cacophony of sounds and smells and Love explores the emotion without the usual syrup, describing it as something impossible to wrangle and marvelous to find.

Haskin’s style combines the sound-scape precision of E.E. Cummings with the shrew silliness of Shel Silverstein. The poetry is accessible to all and runs effortlessly from funny to endearing, simple to deep.

William Seebring, author of Last Wish Baby writes “Framing her poetry with line drawings reminiscent of Thurber, Hollis N Haskin does that rare thing of combining an urban sensibility with a purely American genius for seeing the world askew while remarking child-like, at the wonder of it all.”

And Olivia Just, a reporter for the Stamford Advocate raves “It’s WONDERFUL! I absolutely love it. The drawings are so clever and beautifully done and the poems are so fresh. I think they embody the perfect balance of whimsy and serious emotion.”

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