Political – Demons of Democracy

Demons of Democracy
Author: Mark Davis
Publisher: Healthnets
ISBN: 9781453670729
Pages: 233
Published: March 2011

Demons of Democracy describes the Constitutional Dementia that has pervaded the highest levels of government. It explains why the Constitution is being used as a doormat instead of a road map. Demons notes how a litigious army of a million strong has exploited the citizenry which empowers them. It covers why America is at war with its own identity and the freedoms we once thought were absolute may not be so free anymore.

Author, Mark Davis exposes the ugly side to the legal profession and how it has destroyed American freedom in “Demons of Democracy”

While Americans have always prided themselves on the freedoms afforded them under the Constitution, Mark Davis argues that these freedoms continue to slip away because of lawyers in “Demons of Democracy”. Those interested in hiring a lawyer might think twice after discovering what Davis has to say about their role in deconstructing the American economy.

Society has traditionally held lawyers in high esteem for their power and influence in defending the accused. But “Demons of Democracy” claims that lawyers are abusing this power and manipulating legal doctrine at the expense of their clients and the law itself. According to the author, the inherent complexity woven into legal doctrine exploits the very people it is intended to help.

“Too many laws and too many lawyers have sent businesses overseas, taking numerous jobs with them,” Davis says. “Lawyers have single-handedly brought the medical profession to its knees by constraining every aspect of physician action and intent.”

The author provides a glimpse of the inadequate education lawyers receive, which will shock the reader and shake their faith in a once elite profession. “Demons of Democracy” displays that all legislation emanating from the halls of power is tainted by a group that was once the sentinels of democracy, but now looks to undermine it.

Through egregious examples and detailed research, “Demons of Democracy” exposes a profession whose primary purpose is to accumulate wealth at the expense of a captive public audience. Utilizing clever billing tactics, this book examines how a large segment of our legal sentinels have become millionaires and – in one very interesting case – a billionaire. As this book displays, lawyers move up the food chain based on connections, not merit. Davis hopes readers will be engrossed by the cures the author has derived to defeat the ills the legal profession has inflicted on the America populous.

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