Political Satire Sci-fi Adventure – The Earth Family Smith

The Earth Family SmithThe Earth Family Smith
By Chun-Tien Leung
Published: January 2020
ISBN: 979-8602895292
ASIN: B0846T83LP
Genre: Political Satire, Science Fiction
Formats Available For Review: pdf, epub, mobi

The Earth Family Smith is a political satire and science fiction adventure that follows in the same literary tradition of Gulliver’s Travels and The Wizard of Oz. The book is the first in The Tumuerian Dream series that chronicles the journeys of four humans who crash landed on an alien planet. Cameron Smith is a teenage girl who, with her parents and her two siblings, is fleeing her climate change-ravaged Earth. They are just hours away from boarding a space ark that will take them to New Terra, a habitable planet located on the far side of a recently discovered wormhole. After they board the ark, they blast toward their destination, but they fail to arrive on New Terra. The three Smith children are separated from their parents, and they crash land on an alien world whose dominant inhabitants largely view them as illegal aliens. Just moments before an angry mob of narrow-minded Arap-Musoogums attack the children, a group of progressive residents intervene. The Smith children befriend their saviors, and through their new friends they learn that political partisanship on Tumuera is not much different from the political divide they left behind on Earth. Cameron, the oldest of the three siblings, is idealistic and empathic, and she imagines that she can prove her worth by working hard and staying humble. But the nativist forces on Tumuera, led by an orange-skinned commander-in-chief, will stop at nothing to deport all illegal aliens from the planet. The Smith children have no way to return to Earth, so deportation means death for them. They will have to fight to survive on Tumuera.

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