Psychological Thriler – The Devil’s Fan Club

The Devil’s Fan ClubThe Devils Fan Club
By Mark Kirkbride
Publisher: Mark Kirkbride
Published:July 2012
Pages: 249
Genre: Psychological thriller
Ebook Format Only

Want to join The Devil’s Fan Club? Sure, there’s just one catch. You have to commit a crime, tailored to you.

So enigmatic Nick tempts twisted twins James and Louise when they meet him at a nightclub. He’s been questioned by police in the hunt for the serial killer terrorizing West London and they suspect it is him. But he appeals to their rebellious natures and they are ripe for corruption. So even when he assigns them the worst crime of all, they are enthralled. Half-believing they’ve met him, they go over to the Devil’s camp. And rather than trying to catch a killer, they cover for one. Yet while they yearn to join Nick’s club, the task is too dreadful to complete. The killer gets closer. And James fears Louise will be next.

But sometimes the most fertile breeding ground for evil is innocence…

Uncompromising, dark, irreverent, psychological thriller The Devil’s Fan Club taps into the midbrain, and stays there.

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