Psychology/Philosophy – Principa the Pleasure of Common Sense

Principa the Pleasure of Common SensePrincipa
By Robert A. Walker
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 978-1467902854
Published: February 2012
Genre: Psychology, Humanism, Rational thought

Principa: The Pleasure of Common Sense Humankind, the universe, and the connections between them inspired author Robert Walker’s immersion in the process of self-observation, one which he intends both to provide an enhanced insight into and one that he believes is the underpinning of understanding all we perceive. A groundbreaking marriage of psychology, quantum physics, and astrophysics allows Walker to break out from the preconceived notions of previous generations to consider a world far more integrated than previously imagined. Centered on the use of critical thinking, Walker demonstrates how necessary it is as a tool for understanding life’s experiences, our personal relationships, and the cultural implications that avail themselves to us through its application. Accompanied by maps and diagrams that illustrate the various relationships among one’s feelings, experiences, and thought processes, Walker takes a new, divergent approach to the idea of human creation. Delivering the positive message that human beings are uniquely special and our potential for creating a healthy, sane, and empathetic society has yet to be tapped, Principa: The Pleasure of Common Sense is an uplifting message of hope and wonder, and is a bracing tonic of good cheer at a time when it’s needed most.

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