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Get The Reviews Your Book Deserves!!

For Fiction Titles Only – Romance, Mystery/Thriller, Sci-fi Fantasy and YA!!!

With our Read For Review package we guarantee reviews for your Book.

Reach over 20,000 Bloggers, Readers, and Reviewers on our mailing list and over 600 reviewers who review for us with this campaign, you will receive at least 10 reviews for your book within 45 days.

We will need an epub, mobi, and/or pdf copy of your book with this service for the reviewers we will find to review your book.

add your book logo1st Part of the Service:

Your book will also be listed on our website indefinitely or until you ask us take it down.

Each week we email over 20,000 bloggers, readers and reviewers with information about the new books we have available for review. We also post our blog to book websites and offer books available for review on other  book review websites. More reviewers/bloggers are added weekly.

We post your book to Twitter and Facebook offering it for review.

We submit your book to various review websites and groups to let them know that you book is available for review. 

We also submit to two different review organizations online where their reviewers can possibly select your book for review.

If you would like us to handle the review requests from our website (not the guaranteed reviews, we have to handle those requests) we will need an epub file of the book.

Or you can handle emailing the  reviewers and readers the book directly when they send you a request. You can keep track of the requests and follow up with reviewers to see if they enjoyed the book and if they will kindly leave a review. It’s more personable that tends to lead to more reviews left.

This is also good if you plan to gift your ebook directly from Amazon/Kindle, smashwords or other sites, if you plan to offer print copies, and especially if you want to control who gets a  copy of your book.

Why should you add your book?

  • Reach over 20,000 bloggers, readers and reviewers on our email list (new bloggers and reviewers are being added weekly)
  • We will also post your book available for review on Facebook, GoodReads, Twitter, and World Literary Cafe.
  • Some authors are getting requests within 24-48 hours of their book being listed.
  • Your book will remain on our website indefinitely or until you ask us to remove it from our site.

Read For Review2nd Part of the Service:

We also handle a separate campaign with reviewers who have reviewed specifically for us.

Once you place an order, we email bloggers and reviewers who are interested in books in your genre. They can then request a review copy of the book from us. We then send a copy of the book to a certain number of those who requested a copy and they will review the book within two-three weeks.

When you order, will receive at least 10 reviews on within 45 days or we will refund half  of  your purchase price.

Reviews are guaranteed to be on  Reviews might also be posted on or on a blog, but it’s not mandatory for our reviewers to leave reviews there.

Please note: We CANNOT GUARANTEE that all of the reviews will be positive reviews. The bloggers and reviewers we work with will leave their HONEST Review/Opinion of your book.Kindle Reviews Important For Authors

You are NOT buying positive reviews! You are contracting us for a Read For Review Campaign to help you reach bloggers and reviewers who enjoy reading and who want to leave an honest review of your book.

Bloggers and reviewers do NOT work for us. They are not employed by us. They are simply reviewers or bloggers who enjoy reading. They agree not to copy, share or distribute the files.

Cost: $125.00 – For Fiction Titles Only (Romance, Mystery/Thriller, Sci-fi/Fantasy, YA)

What we need – pdf, mobi and/or epub file of your book and the form below filled out. If you want us to handle the review requests from our website we will have to have an epub file. You can email the mobi/pdf/epub file to: when you place you order. Some reviewers prefer certain formats that why we ask you to send us all of the formats above that you have available.

order nowPlease fill out the form below to submit your book. If  you have any problems with the order form, you an email the information to:












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