Religion/Spiritual Growth – The Tabernacle

The TabernacleThe Tabernacle
By Timothy C. Dunlap
ISBN: 978-0-578-07464-1
Published: June 2014
Pages: 272
Genre: Religion, Spiritual Growth
Formats Available For Review: mobi

Most of us desire to know God more intimately, and to become empowered to live more effectively. We’re weary of being overcome by the pressures of our difficult age. We desire to reclaim the powerful days of our conversion, and those moments the Holy Spirit fell upon us – but sadly, we’ve become a nation other than those people in those days.

This book will bring you back into the empowering life God intends you to live out. He wants you to experience His power daily, just like those early years He showered you with spiritual ecstasy.

Our Bibles, though mysterious in many ways, are our present hope! The “Handbook to bible study” reminds us that some books of the Bible are “… difficult to interpret. …baffled many through the centuries… Yet it is the very presence of certain literary features that gives us clues to enable us to decode the book successfully. One must always operate in Bible study with the assumption that God intends the Book to be understood. Somewhere within it must be materials to help with the difficult parts, since it is self-interpreting. …”

“The Tabernacle” is one of those literary features that give us clues to enable us to decode God’s plan for abiding in His presence, and to understand why the Bible teaches empowering dynamics of private praying to Him.

About the author:
Mr. Timothy C. Dunlap is married, has three adult children, and is a successful investment business owner in Southern California. He has also served on staff at a number of churches, and para-church organizations over the past 33 years. Writing articles and books have always been a source of Christ-centered joy in His life.

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