Romance – The Prodigal Daughter

The Prodigal DaughterThe Prodigal Daughter
By Patricia Nmukoso Enyi
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 978-1478354635
Published: October 2012
Pages: 414
Genre: Romance

The Prodigal daughter follows the life of Loyce Amaechi, the eldest daughter of Nigerian Immigrant Hal Amaechi, until the age of twenty-nine years. In a society obsessed with sex, Loyce refused to have premarital sex. She wants to wait until her wedding night. But her friends would not hear of it. They want her to start having sex, like the rest of them. So, she is set up with Quintin Chisimdi on her eighteenth birthday introduce her to the pleasures of human sexuality.

It takes that one time meeting, for Loyce to fall head over heels in love with the handsome heat breaker. He also, falls in love with her. But their joy soon turn to sorrow ,as Loyce’s parents believe that Catholics should marry only Catholics, and they refuse to let her marry Quintin.

Ten years went by and Loyce continues to pine for Quintin, and as her younger sisters marry, she starts to get desperate. She soon finds love again, and Quintin reappears and changes all her plans. But she continues to plan her elaborate wedding with her fiancé, until both men confront her forcing her to make a very painful choice.

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