Romance Time Travel – Another Time – Another Chance

Another Time – Another ChanceAnother Time Another chance
by Steve Wilhelm
Publisher: Steve Wilhelm
Pages: 218
Genre: Science Fiction, Romance
Format available for review: ebook

What would you do if you were given the opportunity to relive your past, and then found you had the potential to make changes? The short term benefits might be exhilarating and wonderful, but would the long term effects to your future be worth the risk? “My name is Daniel Allen. My wife Lizzie and I have been married for almost twenty years; we are both very successful in our careers. We have a beautiful daughter, Megan, who has just started her first year at a University on the East Coast. We live in a nice house in a nice neighborhood and really we want for nothing. I love my wife and daughter. There’s no question about that; never has been. Not really.” Daniel is faced with this exact dilemma, when he finds himself transported back 25 years into his youthful body and reunites with Jules, his long lost love. Jules disappeared the night they were to elope and begin their lives together. Now that Daniel is brought back together with Jules, he desperately wants to change what went before, to alter the past and ensure that he and Jules embark on their journey. But in doing so, he will risk the successful life he has already lived, the beautiful wife and daughter he already has. Is the risk worth it? Is Daniel prepared to lose everything if things don’t happen as he so desperately wants, hopes and dreams? Join Daniel on his mission, his journey into the unknown.

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