Romance – Wanted in Paradise

Wanted in ParadiseWanted in Paradise
By Kate Ashenden
ISBN: 978-1790366408
Genre: romantic suspense, romantic thriller, steamy romance, suspense, women’s action/adventure, women’s fiction, romantic mystery, women’s suspense, action-adventure, contemporary romance, contemporary women’s fiction, holidays, inspirational fiction, romance, multicultural romance
Formats Available For Review: pdf, mobi, epub

He’s the hot Italian superstar, adored by millions.

She’s the one that got away…

When Romeo Moretti, the most charismatic man Jasmine Hartwell has ever met, offers her a dream job, she hopes it will be a release from her nightmares.

She can’t run from the survivor’s guilt she carries after a deadly typhoon, but perhaps Romeo’s offer will be the perfect distraction?

However, these two have a history, a mutual desire and deep love that they never dared to explore.

The sexual tension between them only increases as the days pass. Problems escalate when a billionaire sheikh, who is also Romeo’s enemy, begins vying for Jasmine’s attention.

Now the men are not only warring over their different agendas but also their yearning for Jasmine.

With manipulative people, shocking events, and tough decisions threatening to keep them apart, how can Jasmine and Romeo find a way to be together?

Saying no to their love would be a tragedy, but saying yes could cost them their lives…

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