Romantic Mystery Detective – A Story of Bad

A Story of BadA Story of Bad
By Edward M. Krauss
Publisher: Global Authors Publishers
ISBN: 978-0979808746
Genre: Romantic Mystery Detective
Formats Available For Review: pdf, NetGalley, BookSprout

This novel is a New York mystery. He’s a cop, she’s a reporter. Murder brings them together.

A Story Of Bad is about a reporter and a detective, both asking questions about a murder – although from different perspectives – who become ensnared in a romance. Their relationship raises questions about confidentiality, loyalty to one’s employer, professional ethics; she is trying to write a story for her readers, he is trying to keep control of an investigation. Both of their bosses caution them about the dangers to their careers raised by this situation. And there they are, lovers.

The tale is designed to intrigue with two intertwining stories, the mystery of the murder and the unexpected love affair. As the relationship grows and the mystery is solved we visit the worlds of police investigations, newspapers and their editorial policies, the Cambodian experience in America, and drug smuggling.

There is no graphic violence or sex in the book.

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