Romantic Suspense – Strong Will By Patricia Crumpler

Strong Will
By Patricia Crumpler
Publisher: World Castle Publishing
Published: February 2021
ISBN: 978-1953271648
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Formats Available For Review: kindle, mobi, pdf, epub

Emma Whitstone who teaches hearing impaired, is reserved and quiet. Charles Strong Manning, an outgoing self-assured consulting attorney, is her opposite. When they meet, sparks fly and they marry. Strong keeps his other job, a member of a black ops rescue team, a secret to keep Emma from worrying. His secret-keeping backfires. Emma flees when she is given false information from another team member who wants Strong for herself. Strong puts his life on hold to find Emma. If he finds her can he convince her to trust him? Can he heal the wounds created by withholding information? He had never failed a mission for his country. Would he failt this mission for himself?

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