Romantic Thriller – Starts With A Kiss

Starts With A KissStarts With A Kiss
By Russ Hall
Published: February 2019
ISBN: 978-1796869156
Genre: Romantic Thriller
Formats Available For Review: pdf, mobi, epub

A tantalizing, tempting world, with a tickle of terror.

Romance, if it takes only one or two quirky turns, can turn as dark as the other side of the moon.

Little does Dudie Knox know it, but apartment complex living in Austin is about to roll up its sleeves and educate him by yanking him down into an erotic, exotic, and chaotic world. A shy twenty-three year old virgin, he is surprised to learn his roommate, Barrett Rojas, is some sort of satyr, a male nymphomaniac, one who favors only married women.

When someone convinces the wronged husbands of the apartment complex that Dudie is the one making time with their wives, he is poised to lose far more than his naiveté.

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