Sci-fi Adventure – U-10

By Sam B Miller II
ISBN: 978-0578536897
ASIN: B07W864RY3
Genre: Science Fiction, Sci-fi Adventure
Formats Available For Review: pdf, mobi, epub

Special Forces guy. Govt Spook woman. Off-World Scientist. Greatest Galactic weapon. A Computer named Elvis.


The U-10 is a survival kit you might not survive using. Activated by unreadable cards, it could create a can of soup – – or an explosive grenade that looks like a can of soup. The U-10 is a guessing game of life or death.

A top-secret paramilitary agency wants the U-10 and its gadgets, the guy who has the U-10 wants to keep it, and the alien who lost the U-10 wants it back. A death squad is dispatched to retrieve the U-10 and will stop at nothing, including the destruction of Earth, to accomplish their mission.

What good is a U-10 survival kit that has just three options:

(A) Saves you. (B) Kills you. (C) Turns you into an alien?

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