Science Fiction – Dark Dawning

Dark DawningDark Dawning
by Auguste Dinoto
Publisher: Bainbridge Publishing
ISBN: 978-1105797712
Published: November 2012
Pages: 194
Genre: Science Fiction

The exciting new science fiction book, DARK DAWNING, predicts a time in the near future when 85% of the world’s oil supply is lost. The price of gasoline fires up from four dollars a gallon, to ten thousand dollars a gallon.

The year 2035
A great earthquake strikes Saudi Arabia.
A ground fault rips the oil fields.
85% of the world’s oil supply is lost.
The automobile industry collapses.
Millions are thrown out of work.
Riots shake the nation as never before.
The nation falls into chaos.
The Democratic and Republican parties crumble.

A screaming madman named, Alib Deeds, rises from the ashes of a devastated nation. With a clenched fist and a will of iron he forms the OIL APPROATION COMMITTEE (OAC). This powerful new political party federalizes all fuel-producing companies and puts them under his control. He then forms a black-suited Gestapo-like police force called, FLEDGLING ONE. They need no warrants to search houses for gasola cookers, or gas smugglers. There are no prisons, it cost too much fuel to run and maintain them. Anyone caught breaking any law is executed on the spot. Gas-consuming vehicles are banned to the public. Private housing is banned. People are moved into government-controlled living quads where power usage is strictly enforced. And cities are surrounded by electric fences.

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