Science Fiction – Foothold

By FTG Thornton
Publisher: Siblinghood Print
ISBN: 978-1-62209-210-9
Published: July 2012
Pages: 147
Genre: Science Fiction

What started out as a small New Hampshire college town turns into the last foothold of mankind left in the Universe. This is the story of a group of college kids whose ingenuity both contribute to and save them from a man-made black hole. As the world descended into apocalyptic spiral these bold young adults find a way to not just save themselves, but the entire town with them. Alone and in possession of a unique technology, the last of our kind quickly find threats and hope lie around every corner.

FTG Thornton was born in Princeton, NJ and was raised in nearby West Windsor Township as the youngest of four wonderful children. However, you’re free to judge how wonderful they are for yourself. He has spent his adult life exploring the country by living everywhere from New Hampshire, Virginia, Georgia, and presently in Hollywood, Ca.

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