Science Fiction – H.I. Tech

H. I. Tech
Author: M. Alan Jacobs
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 978-1463566395
Pages: 236
Published: November 2011

It’s July 1999. Yale astronomer Raymond Marsden’s
discovery, RM 1999, is closing on earth,
and Marsden thinks its impact will spell
the end. But RM 1999 survives the impact deep in the Amazon basin even as all life around it dies. Reclassified Object Alpha Bell Tower, the mysterious object is quarantined by special forces and probed by the best minds. But soon contact with the remote site is lost, Raymond Marsden vanishes, and events snowball toward Hippocrates Isaac Tech, a 16 year old outcast and reluctant prodigy.

H.I. Tech may be an outcast, but he is not alone. If he were, he might have a shot at the ordinary life he desperately wants. He might even have a chance with April Waterston, who hates his guts. But H.I.’s father is Dr. Jule’s Verne Tech, “Doc” to H.I. and “scientific trouble-shooter” to his bosses in the Pentagon. Doc never says no and never goes on a job without H.I. Before Doc’s mission to the Amazon can begin, kidnappers target April. It seems she and H.I. share more in common that she can stand. Her mother, Dr. Kay Watersone, was in charge at the Bell Tower site. So now H.I.’s mission is personal. Save April. But it’s not so easy, because she still hates his guts, and Doc’s CIA escorts may be playing a double game. What awaits them all is a human horror beyond their worst fears and a powerful presence that is not of this world. H.I. Tech is the first book in a trilogy.

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