Science Fiction – Sign of the Anasazi

Sign of the Anasazi
Author: Marc Lieberman
Publisher: Emerald Book Company
ISBN: 978-1-934572-12-2
Pages: 236
Published: May 2009

When Dr. Marcus Aaron, a brilliant linguist, steals an alien shuttle from the U.S. government, it triggers a series of events that could potentially threaten the entire universe.

In this riveting novel, author Marc Lieberman weaves an action-packed tale of supernatural suspense firmly rooted in the enchanted land of New Mexico. As Dr. Aaron deciphers the aliens’ language and begins using their technology here on earth, a renegade FBI agent kidnaps the doctor’s grandchildren and does everything else in his power to recapture the alien property. With the help of a former Navy SEAL, a good-hearted internist, and a couple of grizzly bears, Dr. Aaron and his daughter visit an underground empire inhabited by the lost tribe of the Anasazi as they struggle to save their family and escape to the far reaches of the galaxy.

Combining modern science, mystical intrigue, and the wisdom of the ancients, Sign of the Anasazi is fast-paced adventure on a mythic scale. Look for the second installment of the series in which, once again, it is up to Dov, Thomas, Mariah, and their ragtag band of volunteers to prevent villains bent on destruction from achieving their aims.

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