Science & Religion – God Behind the Movie Screen

God Behind the Movie ScreenGod Behind the Movie Screen
By Allen D. Allen
Publisher: Publish Green
Published: August 2014
Genre: Non-fiction / Religion / Science
Formats Available For Review: kindle or pdf

In God Behind the Movie Screen, Allen uses popular movies to bring science and religion together.

Allen uses the gratuitous ignorance in several motion pictures to demonstrate how little the public cares about science. As a result of this disinterest in science, Christians often give literal interpretations to biblical parables. Consider, for example, water and wine. Each fluid is made up of different kinds of atoms and the difference between those atoms is a tremendous amount of energy. As a result, to turn water into wine is the same as exploding a large hydrogen bomb. However, Christians don’t take the Bible literally when it says that unruly children should be stoned to death. The problem is scientific ignorance, not religion.

Scientists need not be atheists though. Scientific studies of obedience have shown that most people will commit evil acts, such as harming or even killing innocent people, if it pleases a human authority figure. It’s better to have a belief in a higher power that forbids such behavior.

If you’ve ever pondered the big questions, such as, “Where did we come from?” and “What does it all mean?” you’ll enjoy reading this book. Whether you are religious or interested in science, this book is for you.

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