Self-Help – Are You Living Your Best Life On Purpose?

Are You Living Your Best Life On Purpose?Are You Living The Best Life On Purpose
by Jon G. Hartman
Publisher: Outskirts Press
ISBN: 978-1432775704
Pages: 306
Genre: Personal Development, Self-Help
Review formats offered: print, ebook, kindle

Are You living Your Best Life On Purpose?
A Book for the Lost ~ Compass for the Confused ~ and perhaps Verification us ALL.

It ask’s the questions: Are you living your best life today? Are you living your life On Purpose? Are you certain that you know what your mission is and what the final objective is to fulfill your life here on earth? Have you followed a path with direction; and have a clear vision of what you want to complete by the end of your journey? Do you know how long your journey will last? Do you have faith, bound by a solid Belief System, to understand “WHY” you are here, and what your destiny is? In the end, who are you, and does it really matter? Do you really matter? These are only a few of the many emotional, confusing, and frustrating questions that all of us have asked a time or two since our early childhood. Still today, all too many: mothers, fathers, brothers, and sisters continue to ask those discerning questions right up until their last, final breath. To lose a loved one and be standing at the funeral wondering if they were living On Purpose, if they lived their best life, and not being able find peace in that thought; is an emotional attitude adjustment waiting to happen. This has to be one of the most common statements that I have heard throughout my entire life: “If I only had a manual to give me direction, to tell me what to do; I would not be so lost today!” Wow, a life manual, more like a working handbook to supplement the teachings of the original life manual, the Holy Bible. A life handbook to possibly help where the parents, the church, and the community may have fallen short in being effective and efficient in the past and present generations. A life handbook for teaching children and family members some of the most important core values in life. A step-by-step handbook that provides direction, guidance, and understanding to seek your Purpose. A manual for your life that will challenge you to become effective and efficient in all that you do to become successful. A manual to guide you through the process of making and achieving goals, and holding you accountable to make sound, Emotional Intelligent decisions, in order to learn, experience, and grow as a human being. To encourage you to love and respect God, yourself, your family, and your neighbors. To teach you to lead by example and to utilize your full potential of your mind, body, and spirit. To coach you with the utmost passionate levels of Emotional Intelligence, love, hope, faith, and belief to prove that each and every person is very unique, and indeed, has a very specific Purpose in life. To teach you that this is all a gift from God, and what you do with it, is your gift in return to Him. Your life is about choices, by becoming curious, you must seek to exhaust your options to conclude what you believe to be true and righteous. Think, decide, and act upon what you believe to be true. Through Emotional Intelligent reasoning, the “WHY” for your Purpose in life will always be greater than the sum of all of your excuses. And in the end of your life through all trials, tribulations, and glory, love endures and love will always wins.

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