Self-Help – The Courage of Your Creativity

The Courage of Your Creativity: Using Ideas to Accelerate Your CareerThe Courage of your Creativity
By Heather Higgins Daly
Published: May 2013
Publisher: Kindle KDP
Genre: Self-Help
Format Available For Review: Kindle

Creativity is now the world’s number one professional requirement, yet 50% of working professionals don’t know the basic techniques for having ideas that make a difference. If you’re someone who lets others do the creative thinking or relegates yourself to implementing other people’s innovations, this book will help you get your creativity back.

Based on her 20-year career as creative director for Fortune 50 corporations and informed by the latest research in creativity and courage, this book will take you through the Universal Creative Process step by step. Simply by following the suggestions in each brief chapter, you can start the process immediately and by the end of the book find yourself presenting your idea to someone who can help you make it happen.

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