Short Stories (Various Genres) – Bits & Bites

Bits & Bites
Tales from a Twisted Mind
By Michael S. Vassel
Publisher: BookBaby
Published: May 2020
ISBN: 978-1098312695
ASIN: B0892P9JN2
Genre: Short Stories
Formats Available For Review: PDF, mobi, epub

Welcome to “Bits & Bites: Tales from a Twisted Mind”. Eleven thought provoking stories that will chill your bones while they warm your heart. A grouping of tales that span a multitude of genres including science fiction, urban fantasy, psychological thriller, military fiction, and much, much more. Each story is written to engage and entertain, no matter what kind of tale your mind is yearning.

Just like life, each story contained within is connected … intertwined, leading to … well … wherever the dark halls of your imagination take you.

So, what are you waiting for? Open a door. Find a seat. Strap yourself in and enjoy the roller coaster.

Prepare yourself, if you can, for a ride you’ll not soon forget.

Stories Include:

Mel’s Special Day: For Mel, his Tuesday started like any other. That is until someone threw a wrench into the works.

Disillusionment: Mark, Bob, and the Colonel are on their second mission – an assignment to locate and retrieve a wayward Senator from a drug cartel.

What Is Love?: Two spacemen find a derelict spacecraft. With the use of a memory machine, Bee experiences the owner’s life and love – with some strange revelations.

Hide and Seek: A military man reflects on his past, and a little game that carries the ultimate cost.

I Ain’t Missing You: A man recounts a love story to his psychiatrist. A love story way different than any you’d imagine.

The Devil’s Own: Satan comes home to find that his son, Derrick, is depressed. How will his dad react when Derrick tells him he no longer wants to be the Anti-Christ?

Peanut: Peanut’s best friend seems to have a perfect life. A life he wishes he could live.

Sonja and James: Two fugitives are on the run. Can they escape their sordid past … and ultimately, their future?

Waits: What do you say to the guy sitting next to you when he just won’t shut up?

Heredity: After Emily is transported back in time to 1981, she meets the love of her life, and her destiny.

And, In The End: Is it really the end of everything we know? Everyone is about to find out … especially Mel.

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