Speculative Literary Dystopian – 2094

By John Lauricella
Publisher: Irving Place Editions
Published: April 2014
ISBN: 978-0615868813
Pages: 390
Genre: Literary Fiction / Speculative Dystopian crossover
Formats Available For Review: Print, pdf

It is 2094 and our man Melmoth is living a life he could not have imagined just 100 years ago. SmartBots do all the work, CelRenew keeps him young, organ cloning keeps him healthy, and a microchip integrated with his brain keeps him connected. Discipline & Punish holds suspected terrorists under lock and key in Gulag Cuba and pursues indigenous saboteurs across the Mexican Badlands. Initiates and Adepts operating inside Mars Colony’s geodesic domes monitor and direct the dispensation on Earth while New Age alchemists seek the Philosopher’s Stone. The secret to immortality lies in gold–it is a matter of creating enough or of finding it. The paradise promised by a century of high-technology seems at hand.

Or is it? Why does Melmoth’s SmartBot begin to malfunction? How can it be that this disturbance is general throughout the Illumined Cities of the Enhanced World? Why has the historical record been changed and the text of a famous novel tinkered with? Gulag internees continue to resist microchip implantation. Mexican guerrillas continue to blow up nuclear waste storage sites. The eggheads on Mars fail repeatedly to transform base metals into gold. Something, dear Jobs, must be done.

And Melmoth? His head hurts. That microchip, he thinks, must be on the fritz. Realistic and fantastic, comic and profound, “2094” is a story of quest and protest that imagines a future being born today.

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