Spiritual Biography – At Dreams’ End: A Story of Love, Belief and New Life

At Dreams’ EndAt Dreams’ End: A Story of Love, Belief and New Life
By Mary Tiffin
Publisher: Firefly Scribbles
Published: March 2017
Genre: Biography, Body Mind Spirit, Christian Living, Family, Spiritual
Formats Available For Review: Print (limited quantities, only available to qualified reviewers/bloggers in the U.S.), kindle

This is the love story of two people. Mary Tiffin, RunLites company founder, and her dear husband David. It’s a story of faith and hope, because no matter what kind of person you are – a hopeless romantic, a spiritual soul, a grand questioner or a firmly-planted realist – you can’t help but find a bit of destiny in Mary and David’s journey. And regardless of your religious belief or non-belief, it may get you thinking…

Mary and David did not have a lifetime together in terms of years, but they absolutely did in terms of love. Married just ten years when David was diagnosed with acute lymphocytic leukemia, the two had hope that they could beat the cancer odds and be among the 5 percent who survive this disease. “Someone has to be a survivor. Why not you, David? Why not us?” Mary thought, and even said out loud. They amassed their army and arsenal: the best doctors, the best hospital, the best treatments, and did their best to be strong in the face of fear. All this they did for each other, for their young children, for their life.

How could they have known their lives were being transformed, that from the darkness would come the light? Every dawn, light overtakes the shadows of night. But cancer isn’t predictable like a sunrise. Cancer has its own timetable and its own agenda. At least it seems like it does. Particularly for families like the Tiffins, struggling through the trials and trauma of treatments, in hospitals, hoping and praying for miracles. Mary was by David’s side through it all: The bone marrow transplant, chemo, and the side effects. And while Mary remained hopeful through science, she also remained faithful to her Christian Catholic upbringing through prayer.

Mary served as chief communicator, regularly updating loved ones of David’s condition. “It was a matter of survival,” said Mary. “Family and friends needed updates and I needed their support. David was struggling. Inside, I was too. But I simply couldn’t bear the thought of repeating the day’s events with every phone call. That was just too much.” Mary resorted to email as a means of staying connected. And what started as an almost daily update to 14 people grew into a nightly prayer community of nearly 20,000 caring believers, true miracle workers. The outpouring was beyond Mary’s comprehension, but she didn’t ask questions. She went with it. Thousands of people with hope, praying for wellness, for health and for blood counts to rise. For kidneys to start working, for wakefulness, for whatever could perhaps help David survive. “I know the plans I have for you… They are plans for good and not for disaster to give you a future and hope.”

At Dreams’ End is the story of a miraculous journey of love and hope. David gave Mary the powerful gift of belief. He gave her a future built on the truth that from darkness always comes light. Their strength and courage have touched the lives of more people than they know in ways that they can’t even imagine. To so many of us, the two of them have been a MIRACLE.

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