Spirituality / Self-Help – Soul Songs

Soul Songs: Reflections of Joy in Everyday LifeSoul Songs
By Heidi Levan
Publisher: Langdon Street Press
ISBN: 978-1938296109
Published: October 2012
Pages: 296
Genre: Spirituality, Self-Help

In the commotion of our careers, our families, and the world going by around us, we struggle to make the pieces of our lives fit neatly together. We forget to take time for ourselves and to appreciate the everyday miracles around us.

Not many of us can travel for months at a time to meditate on leading a healthier, more peaceful existence. After all, it is easy to believe in the positive and the beautiful when you are not trying to live everyday life at the same time. So the real question becomes how to find the inner light on a daily basis—even with a mortgage to pay, a spouse to consider, and kids to feed.

A series of seasonal reflections inspired by the author’s daily walks, Soul Songs: Reflections of Joy in Everyday Life offers enlightenment from your favorite chair, no passport required. Each observation is a taste of balance in the chaos, a glimpse of magic in the mundane. Nature provides us the answers, and Soul Songs encourages us to listen.

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