Spirituality – Spiritual Breakthroughs

Spiritual BreakthroughsSpiritual Breakthroughs
By Monte Drenner
Publisher: Xulon Press
ISBN: 978-1619044524
Pages: 284
Genre: Spirituality

Spiritual Breakthroughs helps readers to discover ways to change negative thoughts, control difficult emotions and modify behaviors that will lead to a higher level of spiritual maturity. The book promotes a practical approach from a Biblical perspective to help readers make desired spiritual breakthroughs. Spiritual Breakthroughs will guide readers through the steps of understanding why they have been unable to make and sustain difficult life changes and then helps them learn the skills to do so. After finishing this book, individuals will have a better understanding of spiritual growth and the principles necessary to achieve the spiritual maturity they desire. “This book will provide the reader with a vision of who God wants them to be and will equip and empower the reader to live the full life God intended for His children,” states Drenner. “Spiritual Breakthroughs uniquely blends the age-old wisdom of God with current psychological practices. Combining clinical and spiritual interventions provides readers with a fresh approach to making and sustaining difficult changes that will empower them to experience dynamic spiritual growth.”

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