Spiritual/Religious – Aha Moments in the Bible: Finding Your Purpose in the Bible

Aha Moments in the BibleAha Moments in the Bible
Finding Your Purpose in the Bible
By Della Stewart
Publisher: Outskirts Press
Published: March 2015
ISBN: 978-1478740384
Genre: Devotional, Christian, Spiritual, Inspirational
Formats Available For Review: pdf, mobi, epub

We are all searching for an astonishing Aha Moment that will somehow change our lives. Aha Moments in the Bible was inspired by these questions and the Bible’s answer. It is a great tool that will assist in your mission to renew your soul and help you on our road to finding joy. Aha Moments will help you discover spiritual enlightenment for everyday life questions we all face. The Bible is chock-full of Aha Moments that address issues from our life’s purpose to what life is all about, Love. The Bible, God’s Word, is truly a masterpiece and without doubt the best self-help book out there. The Bible told us thousands of years ago that what we feed our souls effects how we think and act. By using the many ures in this book for many of the topics we are searching for answers to; you will be able to find answers and confirm the positive thinking that enhances you as an individual. This book will guide you to ures that will help you find the right path and emphasize the importance of gaining control over your life through practice and discipline. You will find ures that support how significant it is to let go of distractions and unearth your calling. Aha Moments is meant to get you started on a spiritual journey of study for yourself to find answers in God’s word, not just to rely on man alone. God used the writers of the Bible to preserve for us the perfect instruction manual to use in our life class so that we can receive the life we were born to live if we let it saturate our minds and hearts. Aha Moments helps you find the ures to support your life class!

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